First Step of Faith

You are just minutes away from completing the first major step towards your organization's goals. This project intake form provides us the information we need to craft a unique solution for your mission or church's needs, try not to be overwhelmed by all the questions before you if you can't answer them at this time that's okay we can come back to them! If you have any questions while filling out the form feel free to contact us and a member of your team will be happy to assist you.

About You

Tell us a little bit about who you are.
If you don't have an existing website don't worry we'll help you with that!
We offer special pricing to registered non-profits. Additionally, certain offerings including unlimited free email service by Google is exclusive to 501c3 amongst other tech savings.
Describe your project as if you were talking to a friend over the telephone.
This part is always uncomfortable for both you and us. We strive to deliver an incredible project regardless of your budget but practically are restrained by the resources available to us. We never seek to oversell but practically we don't want to send you a proposal far out of your reach, nor do we want to propose a project that is not appropriate for your goals.

Desired Goals

Remember the more the merrier!

Value Assessment

Budget allowing what would we like to have our website do.


Things not required but most appreciated.

Additional Services

Even after your site is deployed, our trained staff will be available to you for any changes and improvements on an ongoing basis. Outsource your tech headaches to us.

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