Holy Faith Episcopal Church

Holy Faith Episcopal Church is a multicultural congregation worshiping God through Jesus Christ. They are indeed a dynamic church, an international congregation with parishioners from nearly 40 countries growing in faith! There goal is to serve Jesus Christ, His people, as well as to equip disciples to be sent into the world. They are a liturgical congregation with a Charismatic worship style; biblically based, and we believe in Jesus Christ as our Savior. Holy Faith's website new website was built on WordPress with Church Ministry integrations to better handle prayer requests and also includes daily liturgy provided through MyEpiscopal.com.

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Website on Fire! WordPress Project

With the intention of refreshing the churches brand website, which was created to help parishioners and newcomers find church information about services Holy Faith Episcopal Church turned to Connected Church to redesign their website for the new decade.


Connected Church started with a blank slate providing mockup design services, website design, hosting, and Google Non-Profit business email setup services. Holy Faith simply provided the text and photos and we went to work.

Episcopal Shield

Before and After

Holy Faith Episcopal Church's website was originally developed in WordPress back in 2015. Connected Church was able to give their site a complete redesign in WordPress to help engage their community in Port St Lucie just in time for 2020.


Including a site overhaul, they were also able to move their Church records to the cloud using Church Ministry management tool from an old offline pc to our fast servers in the cloud! Migrating to Connected Ministry ensures their church records are always safe and secure while providing them new ministry tools to manage prayer requests, enhance reporting on their event attendance, and communicate more effectively to their parishioners.

Sites Features

  • Google Apps Non-Profit ( Free Email Accounts )
  • High Fidelity Mockup Design
  • Website Hosting
  • Platform Training
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