Creating A Group

  1. In your Connected Church dashboard in the top left column click on the member’s section icon. A context menu will appear and under Groups click Create a Group.

2. The next page will display the group creation wizard containing two steps Basic Details, and Members. In the first step provide a name for the group and description for it. Once satisfied click Next Step.

Group Name: This is the name in which you will look up your group when using all features of Connected Church make sure to make it descriptive! For example, when you send out a message this is the name displayed when selecting the audience for a message. (Vestry, Council, Ushers, Choir, Clergy/Pastors, or Youth Group Parent).

Group Description: This field currently services no applicational function. Its intent is to allow you to keep notes as to what the group’s functions are. (Contains all members of the Vestry and their spouses).

3. The next section is your member selection. Simply click the checkbox next to all members you would like to be apart of the group.

Note: You can utilize the search box or next button to filter through all the contacts you have at your church.

4. Before submission, you can use the Previous button to go back to a prior step. Once satisfied with your content click Create Group and a notification should appear confirming a successful submission.

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