Adding New Members

1. In your Connected Church Dashboard in the top right corner click on + quick action button and the quick action menu should appear. When it does click on New Member.

2. The next screen will display the user creation wizard containing three steps Basic Details, Address, and Contact Details. In the first step Basic Details provide the user’s First Name, Last Name, and Birthday. Once satisfied click on Next Step.

3. The next step Address works much like the Basic Details step. Simply fill out the address information and click Next Step.

4. The final step Contact Details contains the Phone Number and Email for your member.
Note: In order for Connected Church to send a message to this user you must check Allow SMS Notifications and/or Allow Email Notifications. If you do not want the user to be contacted through Connected Church you can still store their information in Connected Church for your own records.

5. Before submission, you can use the Previous button to go back to a prior step. Once satisfied with your content click Create Member and a notification should appear confirming a successful submission.

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